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    At present, ecological civilization has risen to a prominent position in promoting the "five in one" general layout of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Ecological civilization is an inevitable requirement for the harmonious development of man and nature and the fundamental plan for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. Jiangsu environmental protection industry technology research institute has the honor and responsibility to participate in this great cause.

    We have always adhered to the ecological civilization thought of General Secretary Xi as the fundamental guidance for the scientific development of our college. On the basis of grasping and inheriting the fine historical traditions, we have been constantly in-depth learning, strengthening capacity-building, continuing scientific and technological innovation, developing superior technologies and improving service quality. We should create ideas, optimize systems, and constantly improve the level of technology development and management; focus on business, pay attention to actual results, and lead the new standards of science and technology services. We will strive to build a professional team with hard technology, strong ability and good quality to serve the ecological environment protection work of the government, parks and enterprises in an all-round and full process, and strive to become the leading brand of environmental protection technical services in Jiangsu Province.

    "The environment is the people's livelihood, the green mountains are beautiful, and the blue sky is also happiness. We should protect the ecological environment like protecting our eyes, and treat the ecological environment as if we were treating life. "Every member of Suhuan will bear in mind the earnest teachings of the general secretary, never forget the original intention, forge ahead, continue to carry forward the spirit of dedication, compose the hymn of youth, and make due contributions to the construction of" beautiful China "for the sake of green water and blue sky!


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